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I´m back!!!




i´m back with a new Digital work of BO2 Kain

He is so handsome, isn´t he?

I still love him *giggle* 







fist step


the finished picture ^-^

29.1.09 09:57


on a journey

Yes I´ll go away on a trip to Leipzig  to vist a very good friend ^-^

Today I´ll upload all old sketches of mine. enjoy ^-^


 Start with some old Drwaings of my Legacy of Kain character, the blue Lady




colored with watercolour













 some older sketches


23.1.09 10:17

Hi there ^^!

Welcome to my Sketch Blog!

The most Sketches and pictures are fanart from the Videogame serie Legacy of Kain. If you like it, drop in ^-^

22.1.09 09:22

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